CABS Online Meeting Room Booking Software Makes Requesting a Room Booking Easy from Anywhere

Managing large volumes of room booking enquiries by telephone and email takes huge amounts of resource and slows down the whole process of enquiry to confirmation. Re-keying data is also frustrating for administrative staff and runs the risk of introducing errors, potentially leading to all sorts of problems later on. All of these things mean your business incurs unnecessary costs and potential risks to morale and reputation.

CABS Web allows your staff to check availability and book the rooms and related services, such as catering and AV equipment, they need from anywhere, and at their own convenience.

These requests, having already been entered into the CABS system, can then be managed by your bookings administrators using the on-screen ‘provisional bookings list’. This allows them to prioritise the processing of booking requests according to business need (without losing track of any that still need processing) rather than constantly having to react to incoming enquiries as they arrive, maybe at the expense of something more important they were in the process of completing.

This easy to use online booking system means that even non-technical staff can use CABS Web to request bookings, make changes and view any updates to their own bookings without the need to contact a bookings administrator.

Does this sound like something that your organisation would benefit from?  Contact us today to find out just how much more CABS could do for you.